Splatoon 2 Splatfest! (practice mouse drawing) (again)

2017-11-18 01:45:56 by PowerPrimeX


Battle stations! Honor of king!            Cool splatfest, is it?

What side are you? Team Sci-fi or Team Fantasy?

If is nintendo game, I'll guess I choose Team Fantasy because I'm a Zelda greatest fan and impress Link's skillful like samurai jack!

Hope you have fun on your side and I'm going to sleep! My eyes can't keep on


"Thanks Team Fantasy, You're the hero of hyrule. Finally, Peace returns to hyrule." The End 

I knew it Team Fantasy will win! Last year in splatfest is Past vs Future, Past lose to future.

Think for it, I'll beat breath of the wild in next months.

The color remind me of someone. oh yeah! it was the korean short cartoon like I discovered it in Nov, 10

Gosh, I really like the zombie girl with a forced romance with a vampire boy.

Well playing Team! let's listen some NES Zelda to to celebrate our victory! :D



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