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What's new? despise siblings for a years, never watch kid animated show again and playing Nintendo Switch for enjoyments, arts and good mood

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PowerPrimeX's News

Posted by PowerPrimeX - 13 hours ago


Which side are you? 

Are you Team Retro or Team Modern?

I'm Team Modern

What?! I cannot play online with some players for free

Mine 90 days

I played old splatoon 1 and now this?

Nintendo will be sorry to hear this! Also I Beat Zelda Botw yesterday and it was a greatest zelda game I've ever played. See you at splatfest! Go team modern

Posted by PowerPrimeX - 2 weeks ago

I didn't watch the channel, I watch the livestream

Thankfully, the livestreamer add a music on a commercial break to advoid hearing my bloody hateful retarded shows

Says goodbye to adventure time and thanks them for everything (like Regular Show)


Posted by PowerPrimeX - 1 month ago


Best wishes to you all and-HEY! Who's invited this fag?!

(Yes, Carrot cake is my most favorite dessert)

Posted by PowerPrimeX - 1 month ago

Are you team fork or team spoon?

For myself is Team spoon and No I will not restart my account of splatoon 2 again.

Go Team spoon!


My birthday is next Tuesday :)

What a fun unforgettable memory. so many entertainments to please me.

On my birthday. I'm gonna make and post pic of fan art of bunny kill


Posted by PowerPrimeX - August 11th, 2018

I knew this game would release on Dec, after Nintendo Direct on Mar

and I'm sharing this to any of you. no offense waluigi fans

All I want for this blasted game is Story Mode!         I won't buy any switch game until I have Super Smash Bros for Nintend- I mean Ultimate


LET Mr.Sakurai decide! 4250294_153396700663_aaaaaaaaaaaa.png

Posted by PowerPrimeX - August 6th, 2018

It's all because of shitty TTG!!

I prefer Marvel and read all Spider-man or others superheroes origin to help me to forget the D.C Comic

I will not read any D.C comic until TTG! is no more

Posted by PowerPrimeX - August 1st, 2018


My birthday is Aug 28 and I'm really a great time for playing my nintendo switch!

If I good a mouse drawing, maybe I should make a comic of it

Posted by PowerPrimeX - July 22nd, 2018


Posted by PowerPrimeX - July 20th, 2018


Are you team squid or team octopus?

I choose Team Octopus! If I lose, I'll restart my account for once


Thank you splatoon 2 for a awesome game play multiple player shooter of all nintendo.

no thanks to splatoon 1 :/

Good luck team and sorry about rushing my drawing of this test art

Posted by PowerPrimeX - July 16th, 2018


Off the Hook! YAY!!

also I beat Octo Expansion and post it real soon