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What's new? despise siblings for a years, never watch kid animated show again and playing Nintendo Switch for enjoyments, arts and good mood

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Posted by PowerPrimeX - 2 days ago

4250294_152935770673_NewCanvas.jpgAsian food is my most favorite food in the whole wide world #1 played sushi striker and it was amazing to enjoy sushi puzzle action game! This is my another test drawing of Musashi, The main protagonist.

Posted by PowerPrimeX - 7 days ago


I've had this logo after I played 2 matched with 3 other players at the Nintendo Store

First lose in second place and won in sudden death and play as inklings.

Yes I watched people playing SSBU before this store close at 8:00. I was right! this new game is release at december! The next moth is the super smash bros 20th anniversary. I will buy this game and hopefully it's have a story mode in it and total of fighters will get 100 to make it the bestest figther game of switch.

Posted by PowerPrimeX - 1 month ago

I didn't agree my father to replace it, but ok! I still have laptop to use it for my creativity in private.

I have 10 switch games, include hyrule warriors.              I don't want to talk about the damn splatfest :(

Posted by PowerPrimeX - 1 month ago


This is it, ninjas What side are you? Raph or donnie of new Teenage mutant ninja tuurtles?

My draw test seems to improved while using laptop *sigh* My most favorite ninja turtles is it Raph and pick him for luck. This is the best splatfest ever!! :D and go Team raph! (with his sais original)

Bought hyrule warroirs and I'm so tired, I'll go to sleep4250294_152671298973_NewCanvas3.jpg

Posted by PowerPrimeX - May 11th, 2018

4250294_152608737611_NewCanvas2.jpgAll right! The splatfest isn't over yet after I lost misfortunate for miscalculated

What side of you? Mikey or donnie of new Teenage mutant ninja turtles?

in my final guess to win it is donnie? because of Nick's video "don vs raph" epic video short ever" 

it'll be funny to see meme of don vs raph! If I lost again, I'll go to the nintendo store to cheer me up

Good luck team don!


Cowabunga! Donnie has won! and on to the final with Raph! Celebrate with Classic TMNT theme song and dance with my amiibo pal with the ninja outfit!

I'm amazed to win the splatfest once more and move on to the final 

Raph vs Donnie



Posted by PowerPrimeX - May 5th, 2018

4250294_152549418023_NewCanvas.jpgWhat side of you in the new show of teenage mutant ninja turtles? huh? I always like raphael sais and didn't expect him to become the leader? Leonardo's weapon isn't so bad and it's look like honor sword, so I choice him for luck.

and best of all...............IT had splatfest tournament!! oh yeah! it's getting better and better! 

Time to go playing splatoon 2, bye :)


5/6/18 Leo lose to Raph  of  rise of teenage mutant ninja turtles? How's miscalculate

But I thought new Raph isn't that good. T_T I'm not in the mood of playing Nintendo Switch for today

If he still have a sais! I could have choice him!

Posted by PowerPrimeX - April 29th, 2018

First I'll gonna to make 25 arts between tumblr and deviantart

and 5 lewd arts reached 25 fave for a day. with this! I would get my favorite artists some attention if my arts are popular

I'm not ready to draw someone's OCs and join hentai-foundry and I'm still have low population.

Hopefully my new laptop would give me  enough more privately. see you in next month!


Posted by PowerPrimeX - April 26th, 2018

I can finally have more privately and focusing on my creativity at the living room

no more distraction by my brothers so very much! at our room. Let my dream come true begin!

Posted by PowerPrimeX - April 20th, 2018

used it for my personal creativity, knowledge and much more to think carefully.

Finally! much quieter, no bad smell and private


Have you used laptop for make any creativity?

Posted by PowerPrimeX - April 16th, 2018


post 25 arts and then ask a characters some question or something

having Super Mario Cereal for a days! I had 10 and 6 more to go