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Rock on! (Crazy Lixx - XIII)

2017-11-21 10:20:19 by PowerPrimeX

"Friday Night!" If you wanna a awesome time on friday, try listen this song and you're welcome :)

Imagine a wild party, hot chicks or anything :) feel great all the time and forget hate stuff!

Splatoon 2 Splatfest! (practice mouse drawing) (again)

2017-11-18 01:45:56 by PowerPrimeX


Battle stations! Honor of king!            Cool splatfest, is it?

What side are you? Team Sci-fi or Team Fantasy?

If is nintendo game, I'll guess I choose Team Fantasy because I'm a Zelda greatest fan and impress Link's skillful like samurai jack!

Hope you have fun on your side and I'm going to sleep! My eyes can't keep on


"Thanks Team Fantasy, You're the hero of hyrule. Finally, Peace returns to hyrule." The End 

I knew it Team Fantasy will win! Last year in splatfest is Past vs Future, Past lose to future.

Think for it, I'll beat breath of the wild in next months.

The color remind me of someone. oh yeah! it was the korean short cartoon like I discovered it in Nov, 10

Gosh, I really like the zombie girl with a forced romance with a vampire boy.

Well playing Team! let's listen some NES Zelda to to celebrate our victory! :D


Do your best!

2017-11-16 00:22:55 by PowerPrimeX

Never give up on your amazing creativity! You could make friends, impress someone and inspire them of your talent.

Do it for the love of the characters! :D I'm loving this year more than the last years

Why do I like cuteness?

2017-11-14 21:16:18 by PowerPrimeX

Because I like pokemon and it was my childhood

also a girl character with a crush on boy is making me think it's cuters! Yep girl with like Huge Crush, Lovestuck or Obsessive love. She will hug him tightly with a lot of kisses to that poor boy in sight. Like forces him to do a romance stuff!

(use it for my inspirational drawing for my future illustration and animation) (sorry about my slow incorrect sentences, It's been a year without going to college or something)

The Zombie girl is so cute!

2017-11-11 01:57:21 by PowerPrimeX

11/10/2017 at night

After I discovered the YouTube video calls "Pucca-Rock Paper Scissor Game (RE--MATCH!)" Watch this in like ten mins and WOW!! She is actually cute!

How come I didn't see it from last october before? To be fair, I think she is the most cutest young zombie girl I have ever seen! 

Girl with a crush on a boy to loving him by force is make me liking a character and I'll use it for my inspirational for my future creativity and real soon, I will make fan art of her, with her vampire "boyfriend"

Knew her name and everything from this serie 

Zizi from spookiz


P.S You can help me to make population to her, So I can deeply love it to see more of her :3

Re edit it made from "Paint"  Feel free to use it :D   Zizi loves Cula


"Why playing mario is good for me?"

2017-11-05 11:43:58 by PowerPrimeX

Jump good, mushrooms makes you grow and strong to break thing and gets reward a delicious desserts from a princess.

Like mario? I only imagine him a badass muscular to kill all the koopa army like one man army and it's all thanks to classic flash videos newgrounds, back in 2000s

Get many inspirational if you get while playing Switch!

I like Breath of the wild and splatoon :3

Torchic!! (Test drawing background and practice drawing)

2017-11-03 15:14:02 by PowerPrimeX

4250294_150973610071_testttttttt.jpgThis is the test background drawing to improve drawing for my next picture in DeviantART.

I was quick to draw :/ I'm playing Pokemon Omega Ruby to evolve my torchic to beat Brawly 

(Yeah! The background needs more work) :(

Torchic Lv. 15 Male

Moves : Peck Growl Ember and Sand Attack

Nature: Adamant

Characteristic : Proud of its power


One more switch game will be enough of this year

2017-11-02 23:36:42 by PowerPrimeX

The most greatest nintendo console I've ever play

I have 7 switch games and I would like to buy one more game called "Fire Emblem Warrior" I doubt it if I get it for Christmas

Oh well, is it time to search a penny or more coins, skip dinner to buy subways or somehow to get more cash.

happy halloween!

2017-10-31 17:13:28 by PowerPrimeX

shit! freddy krueger mask is hard to breathe! 

my lungs!


Super great! I could possessing anyone, to become superhero like captain planet and wear what ever I want, like Breath of the wild

Bro choose Super Mario Odyssey and I couldn't say no to him, cause I hadn't see him playing nintendo console so much time in 2010s

I will get Fire Emblem REALLY Soon or get it for christmas :/