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Hey y'all

2017-07-19 12:45:07 by PowerPrimeX

Do you have Nintendo Switch and how does it feel while you're playing?

I hadn't got Nintendo Switch

2017-07-16 21:17:03 by PowerPrimeX

I'm safe money for Nintendo switch

I'm still unemployed! Is there anyway to get money fast without a job?

I want to play Splatoon 2 first, Mario kart (inkling in this game) Zelda and then Bomberman

If I have it, I will have a blast and consider myself the best summer ever!

My grestest nintendo consoles ever!!

2017-07-07 21:32:10 by PowerPrimeX

Nintendo 64 (pokemon stadium series)

Gamecube (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

Nintendo Wii  (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Nintendo Wii U (Splatoon)

I wish I want to play Bomberman, Zelda and new Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Swich on this summer, so I will fully have a blast of this year  

Happy 4th of July! Everyone

2017-07-04 12:40:36 by PowerPrimeX

Now feel great everydays and who wants to see fireworks?

Only one, can you help me find another songs? please


In July, I will having a blast

Great! Just fucking great!

2017-06-25 17:45:29 by PowerPrimeX

While riding my scooter, give 2 coupons, look at my phone from left pocker to see on my way to central park

and check my right pocker.............MY wallet is lost!! because damn right pocker had hole it in. I try to looking where my wallet where I riding from I look everywhere and now it lost!

It have my ID in it since 2014 My credit card, my library card, my cash and coupons

:( I thought I'm having a amazing time in june

I only watching mature cartoon and any anime and other non-cartoon which making changed alot more than crappy kiddy shows after 5 years of suffering over a fucking cartoon I hated. I won't rewatch a show which it got cancelled.

Man! I missed Regular Show                

I'm got better shaped

2017-06-16 17:55:20 by PowerPrimeX

I'll going to gym again at 6'oclock and get back to drawing. My fun of playing Friday The 13th were enough


Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting
Those kids were fast as lightning
In fact, it was a little bit frightening
But they fought with expert timing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeJXCbtoruA4250294_149720602422_FotoJet.jpg

I have 2 bros and 2 siss

2017-06-09 03:25:26 by PowerPrimeX

My older brother with bulk looking working for starbucks give his family some coupons and gave me a coffee bag

I'm middle 

My younger fatso brother have crazy community playing xbox one with his pals which making evryone irritating for yelling like a angry kid and more interesting playing basketball

Can't tell you about my two younger sisters